Monday, December 16, 2013

Painting Queen Elsa, Disney Frozen.

Have you watched Disney Frozen?

Well, if you're like me, I guess you know that feeling of falling in love with Disney again and again.
Right after I watched it, I just want paper and some paint. So I can paint everything I just watched.   The movie is so inspiring! But, you know we all have work and due dates.

Anyway, I finally get to paint her, Queen Elsa!

I always love to draw Disney characters since I was young, but Disney characters are all beautiful and it seems so difficult to capture that beauty. So I'm actually a little worry before I drew her. But all the worries fade away when I touch the brush and paint! It's really fun and refreshing to draw and paint something just because you want to, and not because you're hired to do it!

Here's the sketch!

Queen Elsa Sketch

Queen Elsa in Color

A little close up

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